5 Significant Periods in Music Video History

You could literally write books about the music video industry alone, and the history of the industry is already too vast to explore in a short article. Who started with music videos, and where did it all begin? Here we break down the history of music videos into significant periods that sent shockwaves through the […]

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Produce Your Own Electronic Music in 5 Easy Steps

Many people believe that only experienced recording artists know how to produce electronic music (EDM). Yet, there are so many software tools and music workstations that will help you to create your own tracks. 1.      Choose Your EDM Genre and Your DAW The first thing you will need to do is to decide […]

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The Evolution of Music Theory From Ancient History to Modern Times

Music and song have been a part of civilization for many thousands of years, with some scholars suggesting that Neanderthals sang before they could talk. Ancient manuscripts with written songs date from about 500AD. Initially, there was no standard theory behind the rise and fall of notes, making it difficult to know what the music […]

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