Research has shown that music has a profound effect on your body and soul. In fact, there is a growing field of health care known as music therapy.

In a recent research study, we have found that restaurant patrons spend over £ 1 each on coffee when classical music is played, compared to only 80p when pop music is playing and only 54p when no background music is present. Interesting right?

A recent study was conducted in a restaurant to determine whether the background music wether affects the buying behavior of customers. This study suggests that the type of music you play does affect people’s moods. It’s amazing how many are set and create the atmosphere in the restaurant. Sometimes you play with what you personally like rather than what the client likes. The restaurant owner said: “I think this research will definitely influence what we play in the future.”

Music therapy is a popular field and growing for good reason.

In fact, music is beneficial for your state of mind. Yes it is true, and that even after you stop listening. Music can reduce the pain caused by exercise, making exercising more enjoyable. “Music is integral to exercise,” explains the head of the London Gymbox chain, Richard Hilton. “We even have a live DJ. We never measure the effect scientifically, but it definitely creates an exhilarating mood that people love.

The actual choice of music is something to consider when playing music in the waiting room at the dentist for example. Given the normal mix of age and culture that can be found in this environment there is no doubt the beneficial impact on patients and doctors when it occurs.

There are many people who like to listen to music while they are working.

Of course, listening to lots of loud music can cause the same kind of damage, especially if headphones are used. Listening to lots of loud music can cause the same type of damage, especially if headphones are used. To find out if music could make athletes faster, the author of Times Online hatched a plan. First he will attend a training day to experience the benefits of the right music at the right time, then he will run Sony Ericsson’s Run to the Beat music half-marathon, with doctors creating optimal playlists. The training tracks used included the Chemical Brothers ‘Galvanize 104bpm (beats per minute) for warm-up, Lady Gaga’s Poker Face (120bpm) for going, Killers’ Mr. Brightside (148bpm) for totally stomping, and Beyoncé’s Halo (81bpm) for cool off. But if music has been so important to Gebrselassie, it raises the question of why a top runner never races with headphones, and why has he himself used it only once in 26 record-breaking?

Music does not show a significant effect on mental. Psychological perceptions of effort were not altered with or without musical stimuli, even though subjects felt they performed better with music.