What we listen to is very important to the life we ​​create. Many people feel overwhelmed by negative, critical voices in their heads, people around them who complain or gossip, or certain events that have upset them. Although we may not have control over all of the circumstances of our lives, we can choose what we pay attention to and what we surround ourselves with. What we choose to listen to can literally make a world of difference.

Music is made to be. This is, in fact, the idea of ​​music therapy. When you hear the starting notes of a favorite song, reminding you of a particular time in your life when you were filled with love, hope, strength, accomplishment, or freedom, your mind automatically re-creates a vision of that time, your body responds on a cellular, emotional level. You change your experience in that moment. Instantaneously. Automatic. Effort.

For fun and free.

I have spoken often about vibrations. It is important to emphasize that scientific research and studies have now documented the effects music has on our bodies, our lives and our beliefs. So that we raise our spirits, we actually raise our vibrations. And the rate at which we vibrate is what we vibrate for. What we vibrate is what we will attract into our life. Like attracts like. This is where music therapy comes in to have a powerful positive effect in every area of ​​our life.

In Power vs. Force Dr. David Hawkins explains the importance of higher and lower “attractor fields”, or vibrations, and how we can all effectively increase our power to attract positive experiences in life. By increasing our vibration, we move to a realm that allows us to use our natural forces, rather than relying on the need to try to “force” life to happen. In his 29 years of study, Dr. Hawkins pointed out that the human body becomes stronger or weaker depending on a person’s mental state, which is reflected by their vibrations. As he wrote, “Music is in some ways the most refined art, because it is the least concrete. However, in passing the rationality of the left brain to draw directly to our subconscious sense of the pattern of the right brain, it is at the same time the most profound and the most profound. emotional. It also provides the easiest example of how attractor patterns order a reality … “.

Dr Masaru Emoto has spent years documenting the effects of what we think, say and do on the crystal structure of water molecules. Positive emotions create beautiful crystals while negative emotions create amorphous clumps that resemble polluted water. Dr. Emoto has studied the effect of music on the quality of water molecules and found that “Amazing Grace” is one of the songs that creates the most beautiful crystal structures. In contrast, heavy metal and rap music creates lumps associated with polluted water bodies.

Water is the “molecule of life”.

Given that we humans are about 75% water, this research is very relevant. Would you choose to have polluted or pure crystal water running through your veins?

Craig White has created a series of CDs that are used for Music Therapy. Studied by the Mayo Clinic, his works are now used in major healthcare chains in California because they have been shown to increase cure rates and reduce postoperative recovery time.

In the creative realm, you have the right and the responsibility to make conscious choices that will support you in living the life of your dreams. Choose vigorously and positively to vibrate at a rate that will appeal to all of you who are rich, loving, joyful, abundant, healthy, and joyful with great ease and flow!

Give yourself music therapy gifts to create the life you love to live!

YOU deserve it!