Beijing Bubbles - Punk and Rock in China's Capital

The Crew

George Lindt
born 1971, lives in Berlin. He has been running an independent record label for 15 years ( , and has been working as a TV journalist for five years. His first novel “Provinzglück” was published in 2005 at S.Fischer Verlag. “Beijing Bubbles” is his second documentary film. The first one, “Wir werden immer weitergehen”, portrays subcultures in Hamburg and Berlin and is soon to be released on DVD.

Susanne Messmer
born 1971, lives in Berlin and Peking. Since 1995 she has worked as a music journalist, literary critic, reporter and columnist for several daily newspapers and magazines. Furthermore she was one of the founders of record label “Flittchen records“. ”Beijing Bubbles” is her first documentary, for which in 2004 she travelled to China several times and stayed there for four months– two of them with the help of a scholarship of the International Journalist Programme.

Lucian Busse
born 1966, lives in Berlin since 1987. He has a look around the subculture with his camera since 15 years now. He founded the art project "alien tv #1" (, a live cinema concert show. Since 1995 he works as a freelance tv editor, mainly for reports and documentaries. Since 1998 he runs his own video production company (, produces video clips and documentaries. Beijing Bubbles is his first long documentary. In 2004 he went to China once.